A Message of Hope

...the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command.
1 Chronicles 12:32

May 16, 2020

May 11-15, 2020

RT @IndoPac_Info: #China fires another shot against #Australia Beijing threatens to impose an 80% import tax on Australian barley as Australia refuses to retract its demand for an independent investigation into the origins of the #coronavirus outbreak Economic blackmail! https://t.co/u7kar2eCcI[…]

RT @STcom: Chinese investment in the US drops to lowest level since global financial crisis https://t.co/RSXRB7e052[…]

RT @FRCdc: NY Gov. Cuomo during coronavirus: “How much is a human life worth... To me, I say the cost of... a human life is priceless. Period.” @kathrynlopez weighs in on the value of life inconsistencies: "Let’s start connecting some dots here, openly and freely." https://t.co/kzF9yYYBBR[…]

RT @laurelchor: With no police being held accountable for their actions during protests and towards journalists, their behavior is getting worse and worse. #HongKongProtests https://t.co/6Cst9xr9vX[…]

RT @CBNNews: New York Is Charging Samaritan’s Purse Income Tax After the Charity Worked for Free https://t.co/YFBcIW1Iug[…]

RT @conserv_tribune: Do the Democrats realize what 6666 looks like? #BigBrother #biggovernment #Congress #Coronavirus #USNews https://t.co/Ljgub0I8WH[…]

RT @1stLiberty: “It seems that all it takes to bring the Army to its knees isn’t a missile strike or a global pandemic, but rather a poorly-written complaint from Mikey Weinstein." FLI General Counsel Mike Berry https://t.co/KB87PN6bXA[…]

RT @FreeSpeechHQ: A recent poll by the University of Chicago Divinity School and Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say prohibiting in-person services during the pandemic violates religious freedom. https://t.co/YY2w9otHEy[…]

RT @FRCdc: At least 23 people were killed in cold blood by suspected Fulani herdsmen in #Nigeria this week. @ChristianPost @IamSamSmith Nigeria is on the verge of a Christian #genocide: https://t.co/DFGWMTAo5h https://t.co/jk9I8HgINl[…]

RT @wesowdiscontent: Artificial Intelligence and the Rebirth of the Soviet Union (groundbreaking article on utopian socialist central planning) https://t.co/nnjZIpjiOb[…]

“This week, the first shipment of U.S. crude oil will depart for Belarus.” https://t.co/xZNEq1NXVL via @StateDept — […]

RT @BillGertz: China is secretly working on population-specific biological weapons and has conducted experiments targeting ethnic groups, according to current and former Trump administration officials, and Chinese military writings https://t.co/cwY41Ll1pb[…]

RT @usbotschaft: While the U.S., our allies and partners are coordinating a collective, transparent response to save lives, the PRC continues to silence scientists, journalists, and citizens, and to spread disinformation, which has exacerbated the dangers of this health crisis. https://t.co/yBJHohso0n[…]

Counties With More Families Show Less #Coronavirus https://t.co/2I1EsYEcdO via @MTapscott #COVID19 — […]

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