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...the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command.
1 Chronicles 12:32

May 30, 2020

May 22-29, 2020

@IndoPac_Info: #UK PM Johnson orders for plans to end reliance on #Chinese imports: The Times He instructed civil servants to make plans to end UK's reliance on #China for vital medical supplies and other strategic imports in light of the #coronavirus outbreak https://t.co/iK5HMye7b3[…]

@AP: BREAKING: Car rental company Hertz files for bankruptcy protection, pushed by debt and coronavirus pandemic — […]

@CNNSotu: China's proposed national security law could end Hong Kong as we know it | Analysis from @jgriffiths https://t.co/VroY2zICGj[…]

@IndoPac_Info: Boris Johnson to reduce #Huawei’s role in #Britain’s 5G network in the wake of coronavirus outbreak The Prime Minister has instructed officials to draw up plans to see #China’s involvement in the #UK's 5G network reduced to zero Excellent https://t.co/0b0rZxwPWx[…]

@IndoPac_Info: #China-led Globalization Is Coming To An End “There is no way we get a return to status quo after this crisis is over” "The nature of the US China relationship will be fundamentally changed. It'll never go back to what it was. https://t.co/StgA6Rpiq8[…]

@hk_watch: BREAKING: Patten-led group of 198 Parliamentarians from 23 countries decry 'flagrant breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration' Major names from UK, EU, US, Canada, Australia, ASEAN, New Zealand co-sign THREAD 1/ https://t.co/jW1F8nA7SF[…]

@lukedepulford: BREAKING: 198 legislators from 23 countries condemn Beijing's actions in Hong Kong; vow to #StandWithHongKong Including @marcorubio @SenatorMenendez @kimbakit @MPIainDS @guyverhofstadt @RepEliotEngel @tedcruz @bueti @GarnettGenuis @RmdKenny @KarinKarlsbro and many others. https://t.co/HcBWlJOGmX[…]

@Reuters: Xi Jinping’s power play in Hong Kong has stunned pro-democracy lawmakers, business leaders and lawyers. They say it’s the end of the formula that was supposed to allow Hong Kong to retain its way of life for at least 50 years https://t.co/u46BTbOXua https://t.co/Sg9tcPQNhj[…]

@jamespomfret: The UK maybe rethinking its limitations under the Joint Declaration to offer tens of thousands of #Hongkongers the right of abode. Already signs #China’s #nationalsecuritylaw could stoke an exodus of people from #HK https://t.co/6Waun5GcTM[…]

@kevinkfyam: For those of you in the West who want to get a taste of the magnitude of this sense of loss, think urbane Athens falling to militaristic Sparta. Or classical Rome falling to rampaging Visigoths. It is THAT tragic (at least in sentiment). https://t.co/YAcItxmQE5[…]

@IndoPac_Info: #Australia: Let's disengage from #China ... slowly and carefully Having cheerfully allowed #Chinese interests to buy up farms, properties, energy &, water assets and even the port of Darwin, we're now shocked that China is a ruthless communist nation https://t.co/vmalA1XN4G[…]

@IndoPac_Info: #China’s plan for $1.5 trillion #BeltandRoad empire left in tatters by #coronavirus pandemic China is being forced to decide whether it wants to maintain its global influence or feed its own people as the pandemic messed up its plan to influence the world https://t.co/SKg2eXyZUZ[…]

@IndoPac_Info: THREAD: #Huawei’s Nightmare Week Is About To Get Much Worse Huawei is reeling. The brutal reality of the #US crackdown is being felt as Huawei scrabbles to find chips. US has just ruined billions of Huawei’s investment in 5G, AI in cars, etc worthless. https://t.co/EZZprZBiqq[…]

@ZAQSNews: Hong Kong 'hard to see' as finance hub if China takes over, says White House https://t.co/StTH7SFQc1[…]

@IndoPac_Info: A well known #HongKong police officer, infamous for his trigger happy character aand for pointing his gun at protesters last year. He said in his Weibo that if #US enacts sanctions against HK, police will arrest #Americans in HK. That's the HK police force, courtesy of Beijing https://t.co/jADycmal0O[…]

@IndoPac_Info: #US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells Congress #HongKong is no longer autonomous from #China Pompeo said Wednesday that he has certified to Congress that Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China and does not warrant special treatment under US law https://t.co/Ahti3N1Iqz[…]

@joshuawongcf: 4/ This law is even eviler than the extradition bill in 2019. China’s poor human rights records have already proved that it will undeniably use the law to crush HK’s civil society and dissents. — […]

“to disengage from the culture wars is to surrender entirely.” https://t.co/Ai74901Bny via @K_Mahlburg https://t.co/xZnMLEWtNb[…]

@HudsonInstitute: .@husainhaqqani: "In addition to empowering the mullahs, the Covid-19 crisis has further diminished civilian rule in Pakistan...doing away even with the pretence of civilian decision-making." https://t.co/WSxf5VAZJD[…]

@joshuawongcf: 4/ The proposed law is the stepping stone for its future intervention. In order to protect the business interest in the city, especially those choosing Hong Kong as the regional headquarters, it is crucial for companies to voice out and oppose the passing of the law. — […]

@STcom: Britain will increase visa rights to Hong Kongers if China pursues security law: Report https://t.co/oWvCIdvQPF[…]

@persecutionnews: #BREAKING: Despite widespread backlash, the National People’s Congress, which is the top legislature in #China, passed controversial new legislation on national security for #HongKong today. https://t.co/FrGtIuiMDV[…]

@DEFCONWSALERTS: China will attack Taiwan if there is no other way of stopping it from becoming independent, one of the country’s most senior generals said on Friday. https://t.co/lbQqna8u4p[…]

@joshuawongcf: Great new cover. After the national-security law in #HongKong, Beijing's next target is #Taiwan (although much stronger than the tiny dot suggests). With the global community turning its attention to us, I urge everyone to not forget about the beautiful, democratic island. https://t.co/O54PQu3d9d[…]

@joshuawongcf: Hong Kong is the front line of a new cold war. If it burns, the world gets burned too. https://t.co/VzlRz1PhAe[…]

@IndoPac_Info: Rush for #US dollars forces #HongKong money changers to turn away customers in droves after supplies run out Demand for dollars surged after China passed a national security law for Hong Kong Residents fear HK currency could be unpegged from US dollar https://t.co/7AjZy0t8f3[…]

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