A Message of Hope

...the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command.
1 Chronicles 12:32

July 22, 2020

July 16-20, 2020

It’s been 51 years since Apollo 11 mission took off to land the first men on the moon https://t.co/W4CE14Ln8Z[…]

@IRF_Ambassador: Alarmed that new data supports fear and reports from #Uighurs – PRC govt removing children from families and into detention-like preschools. PRC govt must release all who are arbitrarily detained, including children, and be transparent about actions in Xinjiang. https://t.co/orNh9AOYGH[…]

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez warned that the highest category of people in Miami contracting coronavirus are people 18-34 years old and they are infecting other family members at home https://t.co/EZwKfutbVz https://t.co/WMejVKqeWW[…]

Turkey sent up to 3,800 paid Syrian fighters to Libya over the first three months of the year, the U.S. Defense Department’s inspector general concluded. The report is the first to detail Turkish deployments that helped change the course of Libya's war. https://t.co/OJ8FbwZSNl[…]

Born in rural Alabama during the dark days of Jim Crow segregation, Rep. John Lewis rose from poverty to become a leader of the civil rights movement. A timeline of of some major events in Lewis’ life. https://t.co/bMWkzHBfGP[…]

Thousands of mainly young and black-clad Thai protesters converged on Saturday at Bangkok's Democracy Monument as the city's largest and rowdiest anti-government protest in years stretched deep into the night https://t.co/xuD2Oc12xu[…]

Large parts of China were reeling from their worst floods in decades, which destroyed homes and affected millions of people https://t.co/IGm1XKxuFl[…]

@AP: The Arab world’s first interplanetary mission is set to get underway as a United Arab Emirates Mars spacecraft readies for launch in Japan. The orbiter — named Amal, or Hope — is expected to reach Mars in February. https://t.co/G1VFgwfzym[…]

Cubans celebrate no local transmission of COVID-19 for first time in four months https://t.co/HSN3HKZ2cH https://t.co/F4Xs5Rk9yq[…]

The Italian coastguard has been working for days to free a massive sperm whale caught in an abandoned fishing net https://t.co/ltA8SIYQn2 https://t.co/sjNTCAZGvK[…]

@christianhlines: Renounce Christ or Lose Government Assistance, China's Low-Income Christians Are Told https://t.co/nr9gxa6Jos https://t.co/7QzcXtToZV[…]

AP: BREAKING: European Union leaders clinch $2.1 trillion pandemic relief and budget deal after days of infighting over money, power. https://t.co/OlONV7QJ0t[…]

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